the challenge

Bud’s Benz is a parts, service and restoration business that specializes in classic Mercedes Benz vehicles, located in Douglasville, GA. Having built the original Bud’s Benz website in 2004, I was familiar with the different chassis types that were the focus of the site’s parts inventory, the site content requirements and most of all, how the client needed the site to function for their business. By 2016, the site had become outdated in many regards. Screens and devices had changed significantly, the parts inventory had expanded and the client needed more functionality with the backend administration and content management side of the site.

the solution

Working with a developer that who in building a site platform that could run efficiently with a relatively small footprint for the amount of content – mostly imagery of restoration projects and parts – we were able to keep hosting costs low.

After getting design approval, I leveraged the open source Bootstrap framework to build custom templates that were both lightweight and responsive to all sizes of screens and devices. This allowed for a better user experience, regardless of how they were accessing the site.

On the backend, the site offered a completely new user interface that was both simple and intuitive. The site was expandable only in certain areas to minimize the amount of extraneous pages, while still allowing the client to add content in the areas that mattered most, such as the 121, 113 and 107 chassis parts catalogs, the cars for sale and the restoration portfolio. We also built a robust search function for the thousands of aftermarket and OEM parts that Bud’s was making available to their customers. This functionality was usable for both frontend users as well as backend admin users.

the results

After four years now, the number of online orders has increased exponentially. Online customers are able to find parts easier, whether using the search function or the new graphic interface created throughout the parts catalogs. The Bud’s salespeople are also able to use the site as a sales tool now, for taking orders over the phone. This is proving to be extremely helpful for their primary users that are in the process of restoring a classic Mercedes Benz. Customers are also able to see the work that the Bud’s Benz restoration team is completing on a frequent basis.

Ultimately, the new website has allowed Bud’s Benz to show off more of their impressive restoration work, offer better service and to communicate better with their customers, creating lasting relationships and return business.