the challenge

Originally founded in 2009 as the Buffalo Boy Foundation, The Tipi Raisers formed a new leadership in 2012 and, as a non-profit for the Lakota Sioux, agreed to take the organization in a different direction. Their goal was to create a more ceremonious name and vision to promote more awareness. Ti Ikciya Pa Slata Pi, which translates to The Tipi Raisers, represents the philosophy of everyone coming together in a reciprocal exchange of community building. In addition to the new name, the organization needed a new brand identity.

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the solution

The Tipi Raisers wanted a more vibrant, more impactful version of the mark that was as strong and proud as the Lakota Sioux people. By utilizing the sacred symbol of the Lakota medicine wheel, with it’s brightly colored quadrants and inherent visual symbolism as a base, I added a refreshed, bold illustrative  graphic of mountains and tipis to the medicine wheel icon. The result is a unique logo mark that was both respectful and representative of The Tipi Raisers organization. The combination of colors, fonts, and a range of unique graphics allowed us to extend the visuals across a variety of media channels.

My role was to concept, design, and build out all the necessary branded elements for The Tipi Raisers organization while attending to all the individual projects, maintaining direct client contact, and managing different vendor communications. This involved internal and external materials, both print and digital, including multi-page fliers to postcards, business cards, posters, banners, decals, various templates, and more. The deliverables had to be quickly and efficiently reproduced by the client to keep overhead costs down while informing, educating, and garnering support in the way of donors and volunteers.

In 2018, we expanded The Tipi Raisers’ communication and reach with a new website and email marketing campaign. I designed the new website on a platform that was responsive to the different sized desktop and mobile device screens, and that allowed the client to make ongoing content updates. I designed an overall look that leveraged graphics from the print materials while allowing for content-heavy pages with plenty of visual impact. This was also true of the email marketing graphics, which were put together in a series of templates for the client to use in various promotional campaigns on Network For Good, a digital fundraising platform.

the results

Since 2012, my work with The Tipi Raisers has raised awareness and helped to build an expansive group of volunteers, donors, and program partners. Through approachable graphics in relevant forms of media, we have grown the program to include youth programs and scholarships, support to build and winterize homes, distribute firewood, set up food drives, offer cultural education classes, and to provide continued reconciliation work. Ultimately, this work has contributed to more than $616K in fundraising donations over the past two years.

Raised more than $616K in fundraising donations over the past two years…